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Today's world is a challenging place for any business large or small, making it more important than ever to know what's happening in your business and to stay in control. With our expertise in wireless monitoring and controls we can help you do just that.

With our experience we can help you decide on the best system for your particular application too so you won't end up investing in products that fail to deliver.

image for the Monitoring Systems brand

Robust & accurate systems designed to monitor temperature and all other environmental factors - development

image for the Gas Leak Detection / Monitoring brand

From single point to fully intergarted multi point gas leak detection/monitoring

image for the Temperature Sensors brand

Wireless sensors, replacement refrigeration temperature probes and replacement hand held probes

image for the Handheld Thermometers brand

A large range of simple to use handheld temperature sensors and probes

image for the Data Loggers brand

Therma Dataloggers offer a wide choice of logging capabilties at an affordable price

image for the Refrigeration Control Systems brand

Tektroniks manufacture and retail cutting edge Refrigeration Control Systems

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